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Late Summer Vignette

Here’s a selection of things I am loving right now. Got to always find bliss and me in micro moments. Summer Fete Magazine – love!/ Jo Malone Peony & Blush Seude Perfume (thanks mum!) / homegrown Roma and Sweet 100 tomatoes / beautiful sage ready to dry and add to Autumnal pumpkin soups / David Austin’s Winchester Cathedral (Auscat) rose – it’s meant to be white and one plant has come up with some pink (like the parent rose Mary Rose) and one rose flower is half and half! so beautiful / some cornflower / a new batch of Sweet Almond Oil from Lotus Oils which I use as a cleanser. Advertisements

Sacred Spaces

It is the middle of February and it is feeling very autumnal already. The trees are starting to turn, new apples and pears are hanging from our treesĀ and nature is starting to turn inward again. This is a good time to review and renew my sacred spaces. So that I have places to go when I need to turn inward during the cold months to come. Sacred spaces are those places in my life that are just for me. With motherhood comes great change and this includes places that were once “mine” now becoming for the kids too. The pantry was once lovely and organised and easy to use and now it is organised to keep the children safe and the food (or appliances) out of reach – so it is not as efficient as it could be. Bits of our house have safety latches on them, things I would like to have on show are away or out of reach and there is a multitude of children’s things (books, toys, nappies, clothes) that are …