For me life is about both the tiny and the massive. I love the colours of raspberry and sage, linen sheets and cotton clothing (organic where possible), family time with my boys, eating around a big old table and gardening when I have time (mostly vegetables, herbs and David Austin roses). For now I am a mother and homekeeper but have been a creative and marketer. I live in the most beautiful country, New Zealand but also love old english country style, italian and French farmhouse style as well as New England, USA interiors.  I also have a love of interiors and helping others to create a sanctuary for the hectic 21st century lives we lead.  Mix in some green, simple, practical do-it-yourself living and that’s me.

Now is the time to evolve and grow as a person in this age and the blog will be a way to help with that. A hobbie that will help me to remember things I love and am good at (not just nappies and Duplo all day!), a way to cherish, a way to write and process life and a way to build a new way of living (maybe!).


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