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Remembering Why I Blog…

It’s been a while since I have written here. I have thought up many blog posts in my head but have been unable to prioritise writing them for most of the winter. It comes way way down the list of things I need to do. So that’s why there have not been any.

And I still struggle with the idea of blogging itself. If I want to cultivate a brand, persona or sell something than sure add blogging to the marketing/branding/pr toolkit. So then….[called away by crying toddler who just will not go to sleep without my hand on his face (trying to get them to go to sleep on their own)]..why do I do it? {that question was in relation to blogging not how I help my children sleep!! Funny.}

A very strong feeling is that I don’t want to document my life or constantly think about if it is worth documenting in that moment but just want to live it. I have a separate daily diary for special little moments and a camera of course for a quick snap on instagram (but even that takes time and a questioning of whether the moment is worthy or not). But everyone (I follow online) is doing it so why shouldn’t I – maybe something good will come of it. Maybe this is part of the blogging/writing journey.

So, let’s go back to my first post back in February.

A new start. A way to capture me as I am right now. A way to write, to hone in and to grow and evolve. This is the beginning (hopefully) of something new and exciting. Something beyond motherhood and homekeeping.

Yes. As I read through all the other blog posts I am pleased I did write them. I remember and they trigger a memory of me as I was then and everything I have achieved while still being a mama. This IS a way to document my life – for me. If you enjoy reading it that’s wonderful and I welcome comment but mostly this is for me. My thing amidst a multitude of children things!

But, maybe I just need to remember that it doesn’t have to be a regularly scheduled event. When it happens it will happen.

Here’a quick run down of a few things I have achieved lately and what’s coming up in my life.

  • Visit to Vancouver with two little boys for a lovely wedding. Feasted on blueberries and raspberries that were in season from Wholefoods!
  • Made a paper mache small size hot air balloon with my children to help. Now hanging from the ceiling. Inspired by this one from Kate’s Creative Space.
  • Made a full size 2.5m high x 1.8m wide family tree. The boys and I painted the tree and then we made leaves and I stuck their ancestors on it. Now we say hello to them each morning.
  • A move towards a more plant based diet based on the teachings of Deliciously Ella, Kimberly Snyder and Sarah Britton My New Roots. Feeling better (although still exhausted from midnight feeds).
  • A daily exercise programme – I said to myself that all I had to do was one exercise a day – just one and then I was achieving my exercise goal. Now that has morphed into a range of 5-6 exercises focusing on my core. I found most of the series of exercises on Pinterest and that’s all I do. No big unachievable half hour or 45 minute session for me to feel like a failure because I didn’t get to it!
  • Started learning to play the Ukelele. A number of the mothers from Playcentre are doing it and we have some fun jam sessions.

Coming Up

And much more of course. But those are things just for me. Can this be my special place to be selfish??! Hope you don’t mind.

Lots of blogging ideas but lets just wait and see what I end up doing! And that’s ok.

Off for some dairy free icecream and a some quiet time (boys were super noisy today!).


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