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How often do we need to drink something? Water, tea, coffee, alcohol, smoothies and juices. And really we only need a glass for cold drinks, a mug or similar for hot drinks and your favourite alcolholic beverage vessel like a wine glass.

And yet I can count about 20 mugs in my drinking vessels drawer in the kitchen and I have just bought these lovely ACME mugs after seeing them at lunch at the new Bespoke Kitchen here in Queenstown. Hmmm…that’s 4 more!

ACME Union Mug

What is it about mugs? Is it because they’re easy decoration? It’s not just me…I know of others 😉  I love the simplicity and weight of the ACME mugs. And weight and how much they hold is important when having that all important and nourishing cup of tea (like our current favourite of Blood Orange from Stir Tea).

And tea (or another hot drink in a mug) does more for the soul than anything else I know. I love the saying “Where there’s tea there’s hope” (attributed to Arthur Wing Pinero). So maybe the vessel is important for providing the ability to nourish and keep us going.

When they arrive I will clear out a lot of the others. Really at most we only need 4! But, do I keep the lovely old beige stripe ones from Country Road, or the one’s with the vintage Spitfire, Hurricane and Tiger Moth? Or the beautiful floral patterned ones from Cath Kidston? Is it just a form of collecting? Do mugs say anything about us as people and our preferences? It would probably say about me that I can love both simple and minimalist style as well as the floral, English Country Cottage look! Is there an in between?

I want to pare back and lead a life with more simplicity so maybe it is time to let go of some!

How about you? How many mugs in your life?


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