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Winter Projects

A list of the things I am interested tackling, starting, exploring or finishing this Winter:

  • Growing microgreens – a good project for kids too
  • An art area for my children
  • Exploring the Sacred or Divine Feminine and aligning to the cycles
  • Finishing the photo book for last year
  • Making Rose Hip Syrup
  • Making a wreath, new potpourri and clove studded oranges and other decorations for the house
  • Downloading the Winter edition of Whole Family Rhythms
  • Celebrating mid-Winter and Matariki
  • Selling or donating unnecessary items
  • Continuing to explore plant-based wholefoods for everyday eating and maybe starting to have the same meals each day of the week for more family routine and stability (although I do tend to get bored with this).
  • Continuing to somehow build some form of exercise into my day – if my children will let me! Even if it is some slow yoga.
  • Blogging more as a form of creativity, writing and reminding.
  • Movie nights with my lovely.

Do you have any special winter projects?


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