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On being grounded

We have moved to Queenstown and change is still our constant companion. New places, new adventures, new kindy and playcentre, new weather, new house noises and quirks, new shops and resources, new people, new drives, rooms still untouched and not ordered etc.

So in the midst of this change it is hard to create ways to be grounded. And the earth is still moving under our feet too with an earthquake two weeks ago. Too close a reminder.

A valued fellow nurturer gave me this advice:

“When you can’t ground directly through the earth start with water and then go through the sand and then you will find rock. Like a boat hanging from its mooring in a river or lake or ocean just drift with the currents and bob with the movement until you can ground yourself further.”

And this is what I am holding onto. Creating small moments of grounding with the larger currents of our lives. A downward dog here, a walk there (especially amongst the amazing beauty of Queenstown), some baking, music and dancing and cuddles.


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