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Going with the flow & a Melbourne wedding

I have talked about finding my rhythm and going with the flow here before. Now is the time to really just go with the flow. There has been so much going on that I haven’t even thought about blogging. I never intended to commit myself to blogging on a regular basis but just when I felt like it. So now I feel like it. But, I can’t spend ages doing it. Just a small summary this time. So I can continue to go with the flow.

A massive change is a foot for my family and me which I will reveal soon but it is exciting and daunting at the same time.

I have not been blogging for a while as I was planning my sister’s Bridal Shower and a trip to Melbourne where all of my family came together to support and celebrate the occasion. I organised a crown making workshop for about 15 people at a lovely florist, Loose Leaf (Wona made the wreath making look so easy!) in Fitzroy and then we had an amazing dinner at Rice Queen down the road and we all walked through the streets with our crowns on. I purchased a black photo album from Kikki-K and a white pen and added lots of beautiful photos of my sister and asked people to write in it for her. It was lovely. I had also organised a few games but in the end they weren’t needed! We were all having a great time.

20150404_112448 IMG_20150404_110615


The first of many photos. I am on the left of my sister Sofia, the bride.

We started the wedding day with all the bridesmaids and helpers and mother of the bride at the beautiful The Kettle Black for the most amazing coconut set chia seed breakfast I have ever had. It even had dried rose petals on it. It was so delicious. The bridal party then got ready in the Penthouse of the Ovolo in Little Bourke Street. Such Fun! And we met up with the Groom and his band of merry men at locations around Fitzroy for photos before going back to Loose Leaf for the ceremony. It was beautiful amongst all of the potted plants and flowers. The reception itself was held upstairs at the Grace Darling where I followed a trio of rapping groomsmen with Twinkle Twinkle Little Star – all joined in! I can’t remember the last time I stood on stage with a microphone and sung!

My amazing husband spent most of his time with our two little boys but we did all go to the Aquarium and the Museum which were both great. And the boys loved it.

I baked bread yesterday as I have yet to go the supermarket for food. And it felt good to knead it and watch it rise and eat it with canned cream of tomato soup.

And now it is time to just sit and breathe and reassess before the next stage begins!


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