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Going with the flow

It’s 9.45pm and I am busy as a bee sorting emails for people buying some of our stuff (remember the simplifying our lives goal), and buying new cloth nappies for baby boy number 2, and organising my beautiful little sister’s Bridal Shower in a few weeks. And I really wanted to do a blog post and then read before I sleep. A hectic staccato bit of work in contrast to the quite subdued and calm afternoon we all had.

It is really starting to feel like Autumn now. The evening light is different and we spent a good few hours in it cleaning up the vegetable garden and planting new veges for the winter while the boys just pottered around and I think we all felt the slow down. It has been a long time and felt really good. Even though the boys were really tired there was none of that usual evening crankiness. We had a slap-dash-what’s-in-the-fridge meal and it was quiet and just normal with no toddler behaviour. Nearly bliss – well not quite.

Maybe the flow is changing. One of the things I have noticed (especially when trying to live in the present and being mindful) is the different flows all around me.  And it reminded me of the below snippet from an article I recently read from here.

3. We grow in cycles.
There is a rhythm and pulse to each child’s life – sometimes fast and intense, sometimes slow and quiet. Just as each spring brings a renewed sense of appreciation for life, each stage of a child’s life is a time of new discovery and wonder. After all, learning is not just a process of accruing information. It’s the process of transforming our ideas, and sometimes this requires forgetting in order to see with fresh eyes. Some children will take a step backward before making a giant leap forward.

Also the book I have The Way of the Happy Woman by Sara Avant Stover (such a great book and so looking forward to her next one) is all about the cycles of the year and aligning ourselves to our what she calls Moon Cycle (period etc). So I was thinking if
1.Mother Nature is all about cycles – birth through to life, seasons, years, orbits, day and night, men differing to women, and..
2. I have my own personal cycles – Moon cycle (or not as in right now due to breastfeeding), whether or not I feel like exercising or eating really healthily (I’m putting this in the cycles/listening to my body box) and I flux emotionally, physically etc throughout the day and month and seasons and…
3. Each person has their own personal rhythm (or energy if you really want to use that word!) and…
4.Each child has their own pulsing learning rhythm amidst that growing emotional/physical and spiritual (as in existence and consciousness) rhythm and
5. then there’s the rhythm of the breath and mind then…

how the heck do I marry it all up so we are more cohesive or less stressed or more conscious of each child’s stage or able to nurture/honour myself and my rhythms when I need it or able to nuture and honour each child or the seasons (or my relationship with my husband – that probably, after all these years, has it’s own rhythm and flow and so does he). How to listen more and be more open when there are so many rhythms and flows around me? How to be within not without to create a full life without freaking out about the time element (as in “it’s nearly the end of March already”)?
It’s all so micro and macro at the same time.

It’s an insight and a revelation but not really something controllable. A little bit maybe. Maybe the slowing down and being mindful helps with the honing in of the different flows of those around me.

And today’s slow down in the garden helped us all to align for just a little bit. Let’s hope it continues tomorrow!


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