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The Bathroom

One of the projects I had wanted to tackle for years was repainting our bathroom. For some reason I really like the Resene Tinkerbell yellow colour when we built the house in 2005 but eventually it wasn’t right. I kept telling myself that I was pinning neutral coloured bathrooms not yellow ones and importantly it just didn’t feel right.

Here’s a before photo:

Yellow bathroom

About two years ago I pulled out all my old Resene Drawdown cards and stuck them up on the wall eventually going with Sisal. I even asked my eldest when he was 2 years old to pick which one he liked out of a line up of about 20 and he picked Sisal too. This time, with the drawdowns stuck on the wall for a couple of weeks, I found it was too strong so I toned it down and went for Quarter Sisal (Resene). And it is lovely. The bathroom is in the South East so it needs some warmth but still be light and airy. It has made the room feel much bigger too.

Over the space of a couple of weeks I managed to paint both the toilet and the bathroom all by myself. I knew it was an achievable project and one that had some skills I had to learn. But, I am soooo pleased that I did it.

Here are the after photos with minimal styling and a grey day:

bathroom new

bathroom new2

The next challenge was to stop the boys from getting the walls wet during bath time while it cured!

If you’re interested the mirror is very old, the pedestal basin is Shanks from Musgroves, the flooring is real wood Matai from Timbers of New Zealand, the towel rail is from Skope (although they no longer do them) and the bath (very deep!), tiles and shower cubicle were all from Placemakers. Towels are from Father Rabbit. We knew this was going to be the family bathroom so kept it pretty basic but in keeping with the style of the house.


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