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Little Loves

Things to remind me of the good life I have:

I love

  • …that my boys love picking rose petals and throwing them on their heads like rain.
  • ….my boys long, long eyelashes.
  • ….marmalade on toast.
  • ….soft autumnal rain fall.
  • ….picking from my vegetable garden.
  • ….the smell of coffee.
  • ….my bff (you know who you are!).
  • ….dreaming and then creating.
  • ….my new Bravado nursing bra – it is the best!
  • ….the Diana Gabaldon Outlander series (hooked for a second time and now it’s on tv!).
  • …that my eldest has made the transition to kindy (cold and all) ok.
  • …watching the trees change colour.
  • ….these dumplings.
  • ….illustrations by Garance Doré

Love to know your current faves.


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