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Sacred Spaces

It is the middle of February and it is feeling very autumnal already. The trees are starting to turn, new apples and pears are hanging from our trees and nature is starting to turn inward again. This is a good time to review and renew my sacred spaces. So that I have places to go when I need to turn inward during the cold months to come.

Sacred spaces are those places in my life that are just for me. With motherhood comes great change and this includes places that were once “mine” now becoming for the kids too. The pantry was once lovely and organised and easy to use and now it is organised to keep the children safe and the food (or appliances) out of reach – so it is not as efficient as it could be. Bits of our house have safety latches on them, things I would like to have on show are away or out of reach and there is a multitude of children’s things (books, toys, nappies, clothes) that are in places to make it easy to get to them (although I keep it tidy and reset as much as possible).

So my sacred spaces have shrunk or I have to include the children. Like yoga amongst the Duplo – just push it to the side and roll out my mat (I have tried one single downward dog with children – totally doesn’t work – one child under me doing his downward dog and the other crawling up my legs), or having a bath with the children – the boys love putting rose petals in.

I have a drawer in my chest of drawers which needs updating. It includes makeup, journal and jewellery. I have a bookshelf in the spare room which when cleaned up looks lovely. Perfect. Layers of beautiful fabrics I have collected, layers of beautiful magazines (old Blueprint issues, Domino, English Home, Australian Country Style, Kinfolk, UK Country Living, Tatler), a selection of my favourite books, my grandmothers sewing bag, an orchid and some lovely storage boxes from Kikki-K.

Also in the spare room/office is a pinboard. I print beautiful images that resonate, sing or inspire and can come and look at it when I want.


My bed is no longer a sacred space unless I am by myself with a cup of tea and a book. But I gifted myself some beautiful 100% linen bed clothes from InBed as a present for childbirth. It is lovely. I added a big old woollen blanket last night and snuggled albeit with my 1 year old in between us (cold and teething). I love my bed and look forward to being there each night.

inbed store bedlinen whitephoto source: inbedstore pinterest

Recently I have been loving the solidity, colours and earthiness of crystals so have collected a few and keep those on a special shelf above my pared back clothes (slowly working through the KonMarie method). And in a house of boys I am slowly collecting beautiful dresses and skirts to one day just have a space of silk, cottons, tulle, lace – all flowing and pretty and light and feminine.

I want it to look like a little this:

Photo: Jessica Silversagaphoto source: Pinterest vintageportalen.se

I often forget this one and it is easy to go to whenever I need it. But, my breath is a sacred space. It is truly the only thing that really is mine and I can use it to my advantage if I remember. “Breath is mind. Breath is body” – a paraphrase from Thich Nhat Hahn.

And a cup of tea – always a cup of tea. Even if I have to reheat it a couple of times!

These are the places that allow you to remember who you are. To reconnect and slow down. To find strength or grace or patience in a day that often needs it. Sometimes they are not enough and I have to leave the house to find my peace but they’re there if a need them.

What are your sacred spaces?


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