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What I’m reading.

Reading happens in micro round here. Short moments of a few pages here and there. This is not helping the general staccato feel of life at the moment. With two toddlers (3 and 1) it is hard to get any time to focus on one thing for long and deep. There are a multitude of things that need to be done and it is hard to prioritise sit down time. I must more often. When I find a good book I do read it at night to help sleep and last year managed to get through 20 books!

At the moment I am flicking through or actually reading a number of good reads:

The Winter edition of Town and Country – mostly for some pure upper class Englishness and style and a lovely article on the Delevigne sisters.

Fete Magazine Spring – I love this magazine from the very talented Fete team Annabelle Kurslake and Jane Cameron. These two provide beautiful homewares and interiors as well as lovely new eats. I have already ordered the Summer edition as it is a little hard to come by round here. And the Christmas edition is a must. Just beautiful and new. Not the same ol’ hum drum interiors. Clean, bright, modern and practical.

New Scientist – not something I normally pick up but they have a very educational article on what eating meat actually does to our bodies. My husband is a vegetarian based on research he read recently that not eating red meat increases your life expectancy and this article explains it in more detail. We don’t eat red meat but I do give the boys and myself chicken for extra protein so this was a helpful article.

Bread by Dean Brettschneider – on the days when I want to slow everything down and really connect with hearth and home then baking bread does that. So I got Bread by Dean Brettschneider (NZ’s Hottest Home Baker judge) and have been reading up on proving (who knew there was such a thing as overproving and underproving – I thought bread just proved!) and have made the wonderful Turkish Pides so far – even with a toddler wanting to be in my sticky dough covered hands to hold him. Must remember to do it when I am by myself. Hmmm…

The Organic Gardener – Monty Don * – a firm family favourite is our Monty Don. We love Gardener’s World and his beautiful books and writing and utlimately his garden at Longmeadow is very inspiring. But, I have to keep reminding us that his garden took 20 years and he does it everyday not for half an hour in the weekends. That reminds me  – I must pull up our potatoes!
* Also called The Complete Gardener

The Luminaries – Eleanor Catton – 2013’s Man Booker prize winner from New Zealander Eleanor Catton has been on my shelf for a while waiting. Although it has started well I’m not sure I have the concentration at 10pm to give it what it needs. It might have to wait a couple of years. But, it is one I want to tackle and read just for something different for my brain.

Siblings Without Rivalry – Adele Faber & Elaine Mazlish – This book is a must for all those with children (along side Faber and Malish’s other wonderful book How to Talk so Kids will Listen and Listen so Kids will Talk).  Once you move beyond the survival mode of the first year of a baby and (I feel) start to parent your children rather than just meet their basic needs of shelter, food, warmth, love and security you need help with all of the emotions, negotiations and relationships that start to develop. You need good strategies without going insane. I dip in and out when needed.

And finally for a little bit of online shopping the recent Boden catalogue. Lovely little things in here and great to check out their winter sale for bargains for our winter coming up. Love the little boys pjs!

Love to know any other good book reads? Might need something if I don’t tackle The Luminaries



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