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The beginning…

A new start. A way to capture me as I am right now. A way to write, to hone in and to grow and evolve. This is the beginning (hopefully) of something new and exciting. Something beyond motherhood and homekeeping.

I have pondered for years on whether or not to write a blog. I have read and continue to read many inspiring bloggers. But, what would I write about? Who would read it? Who cares? What about my online privacy and security? What would happen to my thoughts and images online years from now.

But, then I got tired of thinking about it. What’s the worst that could happen? (eek!) Others are having fun doing it and creating successful businesses out of it too.

So here it is. I am taking the plunge. Welcome.

So here is a quick run down of what this blog might include:

  • writing
  • photography
  • interiors and decor
  • motherhood (a biggie!)
  • practical, simple living
  • things I love and adore
  • things I might just need to write about in order to process
  • life itself
  • mindful living
  • birds and bees and trees and roses (gardening)
  • projects I have completed so I don’t forget what I have achieved (outside raising two beautiful busy boys)
  • other beautiful ideas and wishes and dreams

Here is something I wrote probably about this time last year when I was thinking about blogging and captures the intention well:

Staying true to what I really like and not getting distracted. Maintaining a personal journal/style magazine that is of me to remind me of me when I have only limited time to be me through motherhood. Being able to create and have projects. Trying new things to see what else I like. Finding the style to be able to live with simple elegance and capturing the beauty of the everyday. Books, films, home stuff, products, green living, balance, zen, exercise, motherhood and parenting, art and craft, clothes etc. Capturing history without putting lots of photos up. Also being content with today, right now, the wonderfulness that we have. Letting go and not being caught up in the constant coveting of things and need to accumulate. Simplifying but still using things worth holding on to.  Knowing that although I don’t have one thing I am really good at I have lots of little things I love/like and am good at and reminding myself of those things (mother, cook, interiors (my way – don’t doubt the look), organising, reading, tea, some fashion, blog loving, Pinterest, styles (English village, New England American, Italian food, simplicity living, wood etc).

Be open but not overly personal about the specifics. Keep it simple and clean.

I feel that this still holds true.

So here’s to a beginning.


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